“The Promise of Transformation” Anthropology Colloquium Schedule, Spring 2013


Fridays, 4:15-6 pm Room C415A (Concourse Level, One Floor Below Main Entrance).  Please join us afterward for a reception on the 6th floor in room 6402

2/8 Oswaldo Chinchilla, Yale University
“Cosmogony and Ritual at Tikal, Guatemala: Interpreting a Classic Maya Sacrificial Cremation”

2/15 Aimee Cox, Fordham University
“Shapeshifters: Black Girls and the Choreography of Space in Post-Industrial Detroit”

2/22 Andrew Gilber, McMaster University
“Foreign Publicity, the Democratization Paradox and the Limits of International Interventions in Bosnia-Herzegovina”

3/1 Michael Blim, CUNY-GC
“Recasting the Rise of American Ruling Class: Their Nineteenth Century Revolution from Above and its Consequences”

3/8 Paul Kockelman, Barnard College
“Hunting Ham and Sieving Spam: The Relation between Meaning, Mathematics and Meat”

3/15 Laurie Godfrey, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
“The Evolution and Extinction of Madagascar’s Remarkable Giant Lemurs”

3/22 Alan Smart, University of Calgary
“The Social Construction of Series of Crises”

4/5 Paul Eiss, Carnegie Mellon University
“Signs of Violence: Messaging, Media and Politics in Mexico’s ‘Drug War’”

4/12 Elizabeth Ferry, Brandeis
“Arbitrage, Difference and Mineral Marketplaces in Mapimi and Tucson”

4/19 Zoe Crossland, Colombia University
“Signs of the Dead: Forensic Archeology’s Evidential Regimes”

4/26 Clara Han, John Hopkins University
“Birth of a New Emotion”

5/3 Omri Elisha, Queens College
“The Time and Place for Prayer: Revivalism and Evangelical Urbanism in ‘Citywide Prayer’”

5/10 Veena Das, John Hopkins University
“Syntax, Meaning and Emotion: The Provocation of the Dhwani Theorists”