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Janine Billadello (BA, Drew University)
Archaeology, Mesoamerica, the Maya, Paleoethnobotany, Osteology (jbilladello@yahoo.com)

Megan Hicks
The North Atlantic, Human Ecology/Human Ecodynamics, Modernization, Capitalism, Economy, Zooarchaeology, Animal Husbandry, Wild Resources, the Anthropocene, Landscape/Spatial Archaeology

Theodor Maghrak (MA, University of Massachusetts; BA, University of Minnesota)
Historical Archaeology, European Colonization, Social Identity, Class, Consumption (theodor.maghrak@gmail.com)

Marta Pitts (BA, Queens College; AA, Queensborough Community College)
Archaeology of Europe, Vikings in the East, Social Identity, Trade, Languages (mpitts@gc.cuny.edu)

Brenda Prehal (MA, Hunter College; BA, Pace University)
Norse pagan burial practices in the Viking Age North Atlantic, particularly in Iceland (brenda.prehal@gmail.com)

Antonia M. Santangelo
Zooarchaeology, Food Studies, Coastal Archaeology, Eurasia, Eastern Europe, Classical Antiquity (asantangelo@gc.cuny.edu)

Nuray Yılmaz (BA, Lehman College)
Archaeology, History, Ottoman Archaeology, Turkey, Middle East (nyilmaz@gc.cuny.edu)



Julio Arias Vanegas (MA, BA, Universidad de los Andes)
Historical Anthropology, Nation State Formation, Regionalism, Racism, Nature/Land/Labor, Food, Latin America (jarias_vanegas@gc.cuny.edu)

Christopher J. Baum (MA, CUNY; BA, UC Berkeley)
Gender and Sexuality; Ethnography of Media, Visual Anthropology, and Media Industries; Erotic Economies; United States (cbaum@gc.cuny.edu)

James J. A. Blair
Political Ecology, Economic Anthropology, Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment, Science And Technology Studies, Settler Colonial Studies, International Law, Argentina and Atlantic History (jblair@gc.cuny.edu)

Caity Bolton (MA New York University; BA, Bard College)
Islamic Law, Secularism, Nation-State, Citizenship, Egypt (cbolton@gc.cuny.edu)

Emily S. Channell-Justice (BA, American University)
Youth, Gender, Postsocialism (especially Ukraine), Social Justice, Public Anthropology (echannell@gc.cuny.edu)

Rachel Daniell (MA, The Graduate Center, CUNY; Graduate Certificate, The New School for Social Research; BA, New York University)
Human Rights, State Violence, Politics and Law, Historical Memory, Production of History, Production of Knowledge, Technologies of Data Representation, Archives, Visual and Material Culture, Interdisciplinarity (rdaniell@gc.cuny.edu)

Talisa Feliciano (BA, CUNY Queens College)
Latin America and the Caribbean, Gender and Sexuality, Critical Race Theory (tfeliciano@gc.cuny.edu)

Neri de Kramer (MA, University of Amsterdam)
Anthropology of North America, Food, Childhood, Parenting and Social class (dekramer@udel.edu)

Mark Drury
Decolonization, International law, Political Theories, Middle East/North Africa & Sahara (mdrury@gc.cuny.edu)

Lisa Figueroa-Jahn (BA, CUNY Baccalaureate)
Medical Anthropology, Reproductive Technology, HIV/AIDS, Gender, Colonialism, Racism, Puerto Rico (ljahn@gc.cuny.edu)

Jessie Fredlund (MA, Columbia University; BA Smith College)
East Africa; Rural Pentecostalism; Witchcraft, Magic and Healing (jfredlund@gc.cuny.edu)

Zoltán Glück (BA , Bard College; MA, Central European University)
East Africa, Political Economy, Piracy, Law, Security, State Formation, Social Theory (zgluck@gc.cuny.edu)

Kate Griffiths-Dingani
South Africa, Precarity, Health Care, Work, HIV/AIDS, and Political Economy

Mohamad Junaid
Anthropology of Politics, Violence, Subjectivity/Subjection; Anti-representationalist Philosophies; Place, Memory, Affect; Postcolonies and Military Occupations; Poetics of Power, Resistance; South Asia, Kashmir (mjunaid@gc.cuny.edu)

Madhuri Karak (MSc, London School of Economics & Political Science; BA, U of Delhi)
Agrarian Social Movements, Indigeneity, Environment, Transnational Publics, Southeast Asia (mkarak@gc.cuny.edu)

Nazia Kazi (MSW, Columbia University; BA, Northwestern University)
Islamophobia, Multiculturalism, U.S. racism, The War on Terror, ethnicity (nkazi@gc.cuny.edu)

Linsey Ly (BA, The New School)
Social theory, Anthropology of History and Time, Urban Anthropology, Asian-Pacific Modernities (LLy1@gc.cuny.edu)

Derek Ludovici  (MA, The American University in Cairo; BA, Rutgers University)
Social Movements, Economic Anthropology, Informal Economy, Labor, the State, Egypt (dludovici@gc.cuny.edu)

Emanuel Moss (MA, Brandeis University; BA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Heritage, Nationalism, Turkey, Natural Resources, GIS (emoss@gc.cuny.edu)

Heesun Nam (MD, medical doctor; BS)
Development, Global Health, Traditional Medicine, Biomedicine, Globalization

Claire Panetta (BA, Haverford College)
Urban anthropology in the Middle East, Heritage and Preservation, Egypt (cpanetta27@hotmail.com)

Christopher Parisano (BA, Macaulay Honors College at Queens College, CUNY)
Cultural heritage management; Materiality of “Waste” and Recycling; Exchange, Commodities, Property; Production of Space; Nationalism and Memory, Anthropology and History, Ethnography of the State; Lima, Peru and Queens, NYC (cparisano@gc.cuny.edu)

Lindsay Parme (MA, Brandeis University; BA, Howard University)
Social Movements, Animal Rights Movement, Political Prisoners, Incarceration, State Repression (lparme@gc.cuny.edu)

Mark Porter Webb (MEd,University of Toronto; BA, Earlham College)
Afterlives of communist politics in the post-cold war US; Media, Memory, Resistance and the State (mwebb@gc.cuny.edu)

Alexandra Schindler  (MA, American University in Cairo; BA, Dartmouth College)
Community Art, Cultural Heritage, Egypt, Gender, Citizenship and Borders (aschindler@gc.cuny.edu)

Daniel Schneider
Immigration, Detention, Deportation, Incarceration, Political Anthropology (dschnei3@gmail.com)

Amy Starecheski (MA, Columbia Teachers College; BA, Columbia College)
Property, Production of History, Housing, Urban, US, Legal (amy.starecheski@gmail.com)

Cihan Tekay (MA, Bogazici University; BA, Hampshire College)
Industrial labor, history, gender, Turkey (ctekay@gc.cuny.edu)

Anders Wallace
Social theory, gender and sexuality, ritual and performance, religion, new media, linguistic anthropology, United States (awallace@gc.cuny.edu)

Margarite J. Whitten (MPhil, The Graduate Center; BA, U of Massachusetts Amherst) Biomedicine, Gender, Labor, Science and Technology Studies, United States (mwhitten@gc.cuny.edu)





Alexis L. Amann (BA, The American University)
Primate Behavior and Reproductive Strategies (aamann@gc.cuny.edu)

Steven Esposito (BA, Queens College)
Anthropological Genomics, Bioinformatics, Population Genetics (sesposito@gc.cuny.edu)

Kelsey Pugh (BSc, University of Calgary)
Phylogeny and locomotion in hominoid primates (kpugh@gc.cuny.edu)

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