Spring 2017 Colloquium Series Schedule

Full Schedule:
2.24 Elliot Blair (Univ. of Alabama) Glass Beads and Colonial Networks: A Social Network Approach to Exploring Population Aggregation in 17th Century Mission Santa Catalina de Guale

3.3 Cymene Howe & Dominic Boyer (Rice Univ.) Aeolian Futures: Wind and Power in the Anthropocene
3.1 Leo Coleman (Hunter College, CUNY) Against the Invisibility of Infrastructures 
3.17 Nessette Falu (CUNY GC) Ethical Recognitions: Resisting Sexual & Racial Prejudice in Brazilian Gynecology
3.24 Ellen Moodie (Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne) Generation & Memory in Post-Postwar El Salvador

4.21 Paulina Alberto (Univ. of Michigan) El Negro Raul: Racial Stories in the Makin of an Afro-Argentice Celebrity (1886-Present)
4.28 Catherine Fennell (Columbia Univ.) The Ends of the House

5.5 Physical Anthropology Lecture – details forthcoming