Edward Bendix

(Ph D Columbia, 1965; Prof) Linguistics, sociolinguistics, semantics/pragmatics, languages in contact, creole languages; Africa and Caribbean, South Asia (ebendix@gc.cuny.edu)


Selected Publications

  • E. H. Bendix. “Irrealis as Category, Meaning, or Reference.” Symposium on Irrealis.Anthropological Linguistics 40:245-256 (1998).
  • E. H. Bendix. “Unspoken Assumptions in Communicating about Inner States: Chinese External vs. Internal,” in L. L. Adler and B. R. Mukherji, eds., Spirit vs. Scalpel. Westport, CT: Greenwood/Bergin & Garvey (1995).
  • E. H. Bendix. “The Grammaticalization of Responsibility and Evidence: Interactional Potential of Evidential Categories in Newari,” in J. Hill and J. Irvine, eds.,Responsibility and Evidence in Oral Discourse. New York and Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (1993).
  • E. H. Bendix. “Words and Categories as Separate Cognitive Systems: Puerto Rican Racial Terms,” in E. H. Bendix, ed., The Uses of Linguistics. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 583 (1984).
  • E. H. Bendix. “The Metaterm ‘Cause’: Exploring a Definition in Newari and English,” in L. J. Raphael et al., eds., Language and Cognition. New York: Plenum (1984).

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