Glenn Petersen

(Ph D Columbia, 1977; Prof) Political economy, social theory; Oceania (

Selected Publications

  • G. Petersen. “Strategic Location and Sovereignty: Modern Micronesia in the Historical Context of American Expansionism.” Space & Polity (1999 forthcoming).
  • G. Petersen. “On the Origin, Distribution, and Character of Sociopolitical Rank in the Caroline Islands.” ISLA (forthcoming).
  • G. Petersen. “Politics in Post-War Micronesia,” in R. Kiste, ed., History of Anthropology in American Micronesia. University of Hawaii Press (forthcoming).
  • G. Petersen. “A Micronesian Chamber of Chiefs?” In G. White and M. Lindstrom eds.,Chiefs Today: Traditional Pacific Leadership and the Postcolonial State. Stanford: Stanford University Press, pp. 183-196 (1997).
  • G. Petersen. “Decolonization: The Highest Stage of Imperialism?” In D. Denoon, ed.,Emerging from Empire: Decolonization in the Pacific. Canberra: Australian National University, pp. 73-89 (1997).

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