James Moore


(Ph D U Massachusetts, 1981; Assoc Prof) Quantitative methods; European prehistory, gatherer-hunter studies, agricultural transitions; Eastern North America, Ireland (JAMoore@qc.edu)

Selected Publications

  • J. A. Moore, K. Lightfoot, and R. Kalin. “Soil Patterns and Prehistoric Sites in Suffolk County, New York.” Man in the Northeast, Vol. 36: 1-20 (1988).
  • J. A. Moore, K. Lightfoot, and R. Kalin. Prehistoric Hunter-gatherers of Shelter Island, New York: An Archaeological Study of the Mashomack Preserve. Contributions of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility Number 46 (1987).
  • J. A. Moore, et al. “Regional Survey and Analysis of Lithic Scatters: a Case Study from Southeast Ireland,” in P. Rowley-Conwey, M. Zvelebil, and H. P. Blankholm, eds., Mesolithic Northwest Europe: Recent Trends. Recent Trends Series, Vol. 2, University of Sheffield pp. 9-32 (1987).
  • J. A. Moore. “Forager-Farmer Interactions: Information, Social Organization, and the Frontier,” in S. Green and S. Perlman, eds., Frontier and Boundary Processes. New York: Academic Press, pp. 93-112 (1985).
  • J. A. Moore, et al. An Archaeological Properties Survey of the Pauchaug Meadows Landing, Northfield Massachusetts. Northfield, MA: Northfield Historical Commission (1977).

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