Kate Crehan

(PhD U Manchester 1986; Asst Prof) Political economy, gender, development; Southern Africa (kate.crehan@csi.cuny.edu)

Kate Crehan has conducted extensive fieldwork in Zambia. She has also carried out fieldwork in Britain. Among the issues she works on are gender, social differentiation and ‘development’. Running through all her work is a concern with the issue of power, and the ways in which it is materially and discursively grounded. She has recently published a book on Gramsci and anthropology.

Some Recent Publications

  • 2002 Gramsci, Culture and Anthropology, Berkeley: University of California Press, and London: Pluto Press.
  • 1999 “The Rules of the Game: The Political Location of Women in Northwestern Zambia,” African Democracy in the Era of Globalisation edited by Jon Hyslop, Johannesburg: Witwatersrand University Press.
  • 1998 “‘A Vague Passion for a Vague Proletarian Culture’: An Anthropologist Reads Gramsci,” The Philosophical Forum, Vol.XXIX, Nos.3-4, Spring-Summer 1998 (special issue on Antonio Gramsci: Philosophy, Politics, and Culture), pp.218-231.
  • 1997 The Fractured Community: Landscapes of Power and Gender in Rural Zambia, Berkeley: University of California Press.
  • 1997 “Of Chickens and Guinea Fowl: Living Matriliny in Northwestern Zambia in the 1980s,” Critique of Anthropology 17(2):211-227.

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