Thomas McGovern

(Ph D Columbia, 1979; Prof) Climatic impacts, zoo-archaeology, paleoeconomy, human dimensions of global change; North Atlantic Islands, Eastern Arctic (

Selected Publications

  • L. Barlow, T. Amorosi, A. Dugmore, J. H. Ingimundarson, T. H. McGovern, A. Ogilvie and P. Skidmore. “They did not live by grass alone: the politics and paleoecology of animal fodder in the North Atlantic region.” Environmental Archaeology (1)41-55 (1998).
  • T. H. McGovern. “Management for Extinction in Norse Greenland,” in C. Crumley, ed., Historical Ecology: Cultural Knowledge and Changing Landscapes. Santa Fe: School of American Research Monograph, pp. 127-154 (1994).
  • T. H. McGovern. “Norse Settlements,” in D. Bain, ed., Encyclopedia of the American Colonies. New York: Scribners (1993).
  • T. H. McGovern. “Bones, Buildings, and Boundaries: Paleoeconomic Approaches to Norse Greenland,” in C. D. Morris and J. Rackham, eds., Norse and Later Settlement and Subsistence in the North Atlantic. Glasgow University Press, pp. 157-186 (1992).
  • T. H. McGovern. “Climate, Correlation, and Causation in Norse Greenland.” Arctic Anthropology, Vol. 28, 2: 77-100 (1991).

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