William Parry


(Ph D U Michigan, 1983; Prof) Archaeology, hunters and gatherers, lithic technology; American Southwest, Mesoamerica (wparry@hunter.cuny.edu)

Selected Publications

  • W. J. Parry. “When and How Did Humans Populate the New World?” In C. Ember, M. Ember, and P. Peregrine, eds., Research Frontiers in Anthropology. Vol. 2: Archaeology, pp. 245-262. Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice Hall (1997).
  • W. J. Parry. “Prismatic Blade Technologies in North America,” in P. Carr, ed., The Organization of North American Prehistoric Chipped Stone Tool Technologies, pp. 87-98. Ann Arbor: International Monographs in Prehistory (1994).
  • J. E. Clark and W. Parry. “Craft Specialization and Cultural Complexity.” Research in Economic Anthropology, Vol. 12: 289-346 (1990).
  • W. J. Parry. Chipped Stone Tools in Formative Oaxaca, Mexico: Their Procurement, Production, and Use. Museum of Anthropology Memoirs No. 20. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan (1987).
  • W. J. Parry and R. L. Kelly. “Expedient Core Technology and Sedentism,” in J. K. Johnson and C. A. Morrow, eds., The Organization of Core Technology. Boulder: Westview Press, pp. 285-304 (1987).

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